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delta bond

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Favorite Misfits album:  Static Age and Earth A.D.
Favorite Misfits song: Vampira, Some Kinda Hate, London Dungeon, Halloween - its hard to choose just one.
Do you listen to The Misfits after Danzig left at all?: Nope
What do you think of Danzig's solo band?: I listen to it often.  I keep all of Glenn Danzig's music in a rotation - to include Samhain.
Any other info?:  I'm glad to see there are communities like this on here.  LJ is a better community than the others I've seen on the net, because its a good layout and there's little chance for spam.  I wish more people posted here, I noticed that its been a while.  Glenn Danzig is one of the people I keep track of and try to support, every chance I get.  I'm glad to see I'm not alone.
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