dreamstate emergency (laadeedaadeedah) wrote in danzig_only,
dreamstate emergency

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Favorite Misfits album: evilive
Favorite Misfits song: hmm... more like songs, but oh well... last caress, halloween, we are 138, attitude, hybrid moments, who killed marilyn
Do you listen to The Misfits after Danzig left at all?: ehh... yeah... they're ok... not good, not completely horrid... shitty Misfits is better than no misfits at all, i guess
What do you think of Danzig's solo band?: they're good, but danzig should go back to the misfits... now
Any other info?: uhhhhh i do alot of photoshop stuff like banners or icons and shit like that so i'll wind up posting some of that eventually... never anything amazing though, sadly... just stuff like this

ehhh i have others and a misfits background, yet i'm far to lazy to find everything
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